Coaching via Skype

spiritual & intuitive


Your personal coaching for the next steps along your unique path!


You want to continue on your path, but you don’t know the next step to take? All you want is to learn to trust your intuition again? So that you can go your own path with love and confidence? And you are ready to take over responsibility for yourself?


Then I will be there to accompany you. We will explore the next steps together and give you the courage to take them confidently. So that you can follow your heart’s path without fear or worry. Make your joy and love shine through.


We will get to knwo each other in a free 20-minutes skype call.
And find out whether I am the right person to guide you.


If you believe that I am, you can choose the right coaching service for your needs. I will support you as you require, hour by hour or over a longer period of time. We will arrange a first coaching consultation together.


My intuition will show me what you require. I can give you input and ideas so that you can see and take the next steps. I will open and hold space for you. For you to rediscover and trust your own intuition again.


After every consultation, I will send you a summary of what we explored and discussed.

Investment: CHF 140.-/hour