Pregnancy & Birth

Congratulations to your pregnancy!


You must be so excited! You feel like your wold has been turned upside down: so many positive feelings you can feel in your heart, and so many thoughts occupying your mind: what will happen now? Will it all be alright? Will giving birth be painful? Do you feel left alone with all of your questions, emotions, worries and concerns?


Around the world, thousands and thousands of pregnant women are feeling the same way. Right now, in this very moment. You are not alone. I understand you. I have felt the same, during my first pregnancy and the ones that followed it. You can read more about my story here.


BUT I want you to feel and live the magic of pregnancy. It is a magical feeling that we must not lose because of our petty and not-so-petty worries and fears. You deserve to be an ‘expectant mother’ in the best sense of the word. I will guide you through the often confusing world of pregnancy. With me at your side, you will be CALM ant AT EASE to experience a positive and self-determined birth…


…because it matters how we give birth and how we are born.


You will NEVER forget the birth of your child. It is a intinsic part of your life’s story. This is why I want you to want to remember it and to tell your children and grandchildren about it. Do you want the same for yourself and your child? You do!


Then my services are the right choice for you. I have developed and perfected my work from my experience and my knowledge to be perfect for you and your partner. You can find the right choice for your needs or combine several of my services: I am here for what you need.


Should you not find the right options for you from my many services, reach out to me: We will find a solution toghether.


You can also explore my special postpartum services for new mothers. For the first days and weeks of your new baby’s life on this Earth, it is essential that you and your baby both receive the best possible care and support.

Services for mothers and fathers-to-be

Services for mothers-to-be