Postpartum & Motherhood

Congratulations to the birth of your child!


The time has come. You have worked your miracle. A fragile, tiny new life has arrived. You are so excited, but you also have all of these questions running through your head! Do you know what you need to do? What your baby needs? Do you feel out of your depth? Too many people giving you too many suggestions? You feel alone and want somebody there for you?


I know your worries, fears, anxieties, and desires. I felt them myself after giving birth. And I would have loved a wise woman at my side. Why? Find out here.


What you need in this new situatio, is backup. Trust in yourself. And open ear and an open heart to listen to you. A wise woman to be there for you. I would love to be that woman, because YOUR chosen path matters. I can guide you and help you take that path and rediscover your intuition. I can help you learn to trust your mother’s instinct. To be the mother you want to be.


I have selected my services to match your needs. They can give you the loving and mindful support with being a happy mother and woman. Find the right service for you – or multiple services, if you want them.


And maybe you will feel the urge to give other women and their partners the same support in their pregnancy, birth, and live with their new-born child. If you do, take a look at the training offered by ANAYA.

Services for new mothers

Services for mothers & women