Monika Maccioni-Meier - Doula/Birth Priestess and Founder of ANAYA



It’s a pleasure to meet you here. And see that you are interested in everything about pregnancy, birth and womanhood.

I’m Monika, mother to two dauthers (1998 + 2000), living in Bülach, Switzerland.

During my first pregnancy, I was overwhelmed by this experience of the unknown, by the many questions, worries, and anxieties I had. My doctor supported me through the pregnancy, but during my regular check-ups, I missed the feeling of someone caring, of someone having the time for me. I felt left alone.


My wish and mission is that every pregnant woman and their partners will have emotional support during pregnancy and birth


My feeling of being overwhelmed continued into the postnatal period, and I would have loved emotional support at my side. I spent a lot of time by myself. Work often took my ex-husband away from home for several days at a time. The experience was particulary tough after the birth of my second daughter. I came to a dead end. I was crying and feeling lonely. But I was also a strong woman, and I came through this low period. But at what price? My womanhood had to be pushed to the side. In the end, this hurt not only my own being, but also my realtionship with my partner.


My wish is for every new mother to receiving loving care when they come home with their babies.


It was a long path for me to regain my strength and recover my female energy and my real self. I finally managed to hear my calling and follow my path. My path took me to Dubai and to my first encounter with the idea of the doula. I was fascinated and touched by it and decided to complete not one, but two training courses at different organizations to become a doula. Since 2010, I have been supporting numerous women and their partners through their pregnancy, birth and postnatal period.

2017 I finished another 2 year training to become a birth priestess to serve the women/couples and babys in a spiritual and energetic way.


My wish is for every woman to follow her heart and find her path.


That is why I am sharing my knowledge and my experience. I offer different trainings and help woman follow their paths.

Enjoy discovering my website! I would love to meet you in person!

My life

1992 //  Living in the United States

1993 // Tourism Representative School AGT in Aarau

1994 – 1995 // Tourism Rep on the Seychelles

1995 – 1998 // Flight Attendant with Swissair

2005 // Training Foot Massage Therpaist N.D. with Arlette Brunner

2008 // Life Therapist Training with Andreas Lüthi

2010 // Facial Reflexology with Lone Sorensen and Julie Greenhalgh in Abu Dhabi

2010 // Doula Training at DONA Int. and Nurturing Birth UK in Dubai

2012 // Certification as Calm Birth Teacher with Robert Bruce Newman

2013 // Stillbirth- and Bereavement Doula Training with Stillbirthday

2014 // Sacred Pregnancy Instructor Training with Anni Daulter in Venedig

2017 // Spiritual Birth Attendance Training with Sita Kleinert in Steinebrunn



Nathalie Fischer - Back-up Doula

As long as I can remember, I have been touched and fascinated by the idea of pregnancy and birth.

When I left school, I did not feel prepared and ready for training as midwife. So I decided to go abroad.

Life tends to take its own course, and it took me seven years to get back home. Time has passed, but my wish to help pregnant women remained. I spend long hours looking for training opportunites in the area that I coul reconcile with my own life (as a married mother of four). In the end, I decided to train as a doula.

The births of each of my children – which were all dirrerent in themselves – have gifted me with a new experience and lesson for life.

I’m still training in courses and classes on mindful living and alternative medicine.

I accompany mothers on this wonderful journey of pregnancy and birth with the greatest respect, appreciation, humility, and complete passion. I want to give them a feeling of conficence, security, and care and help them become stronger persons.

My life

1979 – 1988 // Primary and secondary education BL and BE

1988 – 1989 // Dramatic dance school, SG

1989 – 1990 // Berufs-und Frauenfachschule Typ C (foundational course for medical professions) SG

1990 – 1997 // Living in the United States  (high school, university, wife and mother)

1998 // Working in the Olympia Gym in St. Gallen

1999 – 2009 // Database Marketing Assistent „az direct“

2009 – heute// Wife and mother

2013 – heute// Doula


since 2008 // Seminars, courses, and training on mindfulness and alternative healing

2013 // Diploma as Doula with Doula Switzerland

2015 // Metaphysical psychological consultant

2016 // Reiki 1