Intuitive Ritual

before birth


You deserve to be honoured and empowered before the birth of your child. You are a divine creator of new life. Let us honour this transition from womanhood to motherhood.


We will get to know each other in a free 20-minute skype call. It is then up to you to decide whether I may hold a little ritual for you before your birth.


The ritual will be conducted at your home or in my room: upon arrival, we will get ready for what is about to happen. I will guide you with a meditation into your heart, into the core of your love. I will then follow my intuition to see what you and your child still need for the upcoming birth. We will then work together to do just that. To complete the ritual, I will honour and empower you for the birth.


Why have a ritual? In earlier times, it was the most normal and natural thing that mothers-to-be were prepared for the birth with a special transition rite, celebrated by the women . Our modern world has lost almost all rituals to prepare us for such momentous experiences in our lives. I decided to rekindle this tradition, because my own life tells me that a ritual honouring a new mother is a wonderful and healing experience.

Investments: CHF 240.- including a little surprise for you


The ritual takes approx. 90 minutes. I will need a few moments to prepare at you home.