Postpartum Support

intuitive at your home


Do you wish for more support than your midwife after your child has arrived? Somebody to be there for you and your own needs? To make you feel safe and confident? So that you are not exhausted or overwhelmed, but ready to enjoy every moment with your new child?


Then I am ready to be there for you, your child, and your partner. I can be the wise woman at your side to support you and care for you. I will create an atmosphere of calm and quiet to help you relax and listen to your intuition. To turn your doubts into certainty and confidence. To allow you to be the mother you want to be.


We can get to know each other in a free 20-minutes skype conversation. It is then your choice whether I am the right person to be at your side. If you belive that I am, then we decide together what kind of postpartum support you would like to have. We will meet before birth via Skype/Zoom or in Bülach to discuss eyerthing.


In my postpartum visits, we will speak about your situation, and my intuition will tell me what you and your child need. I will show you the next steps you can take, answer your questions, and listen to your worries and doubts with an open mind and an open heart. I will draw on many different resources from my experience and my training, such as meridian massage, sould communication, meditation, rituals etc.


While I am with you in your home, I can take over some of those minor chores you need, e.g. clear out the dishwasher, hang up the washing, make tea, warm up dinner etc. I am there for your baby while you need a moment to yourself in the bath or in bed.


I have no medical training and cannot conduct medical postpartum check-ups. I am here only for your emotional wellbeing and that of your baby. I will nurture you so that you can enjoy your intuitve postpartum period.

From my visits at your home you will get the full benefit from my calm, warmth and lovely energy, which will let you relax immediately. 


Investment for your intuitive postpartum support:


1 visit for a min. of 2 hours                 CHF 120.- (following hours at the same day CHF 50.-)

Postpartum package + Bonus #1       soon ANAYA will offer a postpartum package


Bonus #1 Email support: you can send me your questions and concerns by email for the entire duration of the service.


You would like me to stay at your side even after the immediate postpartum period?