Inner Communication

following Sita Kleinert


from soul to soul and heart to heart – with children, with the unborn child, with parents, with partners, with yourself.


Your unique tow-day seminart to listen to truly understand!


Do you want to let your love flow? Do you want to form and keep contact to your child? Do you want to find your place of rest and ease inside yourself? Listen to yourself? I will show you how to truly listen. So that you may hear the soft messages and understand what they tell you.


The two-day seminar lets you see and understand the gifts and the purpose of your child in this world. You will realize what your child needs. You will rediscover your primal trust and experience harmony, ease, and joy. I will open the access for the Inner Communication and guide you into the contact with your spiritual guides. The soul of the child may be seen and recognized for who it really is.

Communication can exist when we are ready to meet and listen to understand each other.


Investments: CHF 540.-


Dates: coming soon