Basic Plus Birth Package

ideal for first-time mothers


This is the perfect choice if you are expecting your first child – for the best start into your new mother-child-father relationship…because YOUR path matters.


This is your first pregnancy, and everything feels new and unfamiliar? Or you have already had a child, but the birth was not a positive experience? You would like to have a self-determined birth? And you want someone to support you emotionally and physically when your baby comes into this world, in addition to the medical care of your midwife and/or doctor.


Yes! Then this package + Bonus #1 + #2 are perfect for you and your needs. I am here to accompany you with love, care, and empathy on the journey you are embarking on.


We will get to know each other in a first conversation (about 1 hour) without any commitments (in B├╝lach or by skype). Afterwards it is entirley your choice whether I am the right person to be at your side.


If you choose me, we will meet for 3 birth preparation sessions (2.5 hours each) at your home. Together, we will speak about mental techniques, physical and breathing exercises, the phases of giving birth, birthing positions, hormones, etc.


I will be on call for you 2 weeks prior and 2 weeks after your due-date. In this period, I or my back-up doula will be available day or night (24/7). You will love the certainty of knowing: You are not alone. If you have any questions or are feeling unsure abou anything, you can call me anytime.


Your child is getting ready. The contractions have started. The birth has begun. You are nervous, but also happy and excited: The wait has an end. Soon, you will hold your baby for the first time. You call me, and we will both decide when the time is right for me to come. Once I am there with you, I will stay with you until the birthing process is completed – however long the birth might take. You can let your worries go. If it takes ver long for your child to come into this world, we can think about getting the support of my back-up doula. You will not be alone.


Your baby has been born. You have fed your child for the first time. You and your child are happy. It is time for me to go. This is the time for you to enjoy the little miracle as a family.


You and your baby are safe at home. Then I will come to visit you 2 times (each 2 hours) in the postpartum period.

Your investment into your family: CHF 1’750.- incl. bonus #1 + #2


+ Bonus #1 Email support: you can send me your questions and concerns by email during your entire pregnancy.

+ Bonus #2 Back-up doula: I am partnering with a back-up doula for the entire on-call period and birth.